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Horses for courses

Vinyard of the Maipo ValleyChilean still red wine has been a go to for me for a long time and there just seems to be more and more great examples from Chile around.  Our selection from Chile is no exception and we're very happy to have really good producers bringing you really great wines - such as Hussonet, by Haras de Pirque.

At 14.5% ABV this 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Riserva, is no light quaffing wine by any account.  If you want to sit down to a good steak or some lamb, you will enjoy pairing it with this wine since there are dominant notes of herb and spice.  However should you want to settle into an armchair and sip a complex, earthy and full bodied wine you will not be upset with a choice such as this, with its long lasting palate.

The term Reserve Wine is traditionally used to denote a wine that has been aged before sale.  This usually translates to it being wine of a finer quality and so this Gran Reserva doesn't disappoint - a seriously good wine at £14.99 when you buy one or discounted to £12.99 when included in our mix of six bottles discount.

Dont forget to check out out selection of Chilean wines in store or online - pop in for a chat and a tasting Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm!

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