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The ONLY way is Essex!

New Hall Vineyard located in the heart of rural Essex, this little corner of East Anglia has an important role in the history of English wine... 

The first vineyard in Purleigh, Essex was planted, and according to the local Parish records only 500 yards from where New Hall Vineyard is today. It covered three acres of land on the southern-facing slopes by All Saints Church.

News of the flourishing Purleigh Vineyard reached London. It was then taken over by the Crown and commissioned to supply its wines back to London.

Two barrels of Purleigh wine are ordered by the Crown (at a cost of 18s 6d each, less than 1p per bottle) to be sent to Bury St Edmunds, in readiness for the arrival of King John. In fact, Purleigh wine was drunk during the sealing of the Magna Carta in 1215.

Piers Greenwood retires from New Hall Vineyards but remains an integral part of the business. He is taken over by brother in law Chris Trembath, keeping it within the Greenwood family with Chris's daughter Becki also joining the team.

New Hall Vineyards is awarded the UKVA Winemaker of the Year 2016 and proud to produce wines that win four out of the six regional wine competition trophies. All together, New Hall Vineyards is awarded 2 Gold Medals, 7 Silver Medals and 4 Bronze Medals at the UKVA Awards, and over half a dozen Silver Medals at the EAVA Awards. The Bacchus Fume also wins a gold medal at the Independent Wine Awards competitions.

New Hall Vineyards buys an extra 90,000 litres of stainless steel wine tanks to bring the total capacity of New Halls production to 350,000 bottles per year.

After two years of planning, New Hall plants the neighbouring Church Hill with a combination of Bacchus, early ripened Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Bacchus from New Hall and the surrounding Crouch Valley district has become increasingly in demand, and we are looking forward to upping our production of this unique variety. The Pinot Meunier, with it's aromatic intensity and fruity flavours, will be destined for sparkling wine. Lastly, the Pinot Noir is versatile, and its qualities of elegant red berry, cherry and cassis notes enable it to be used for sparkling wine or a still soft fruity red. 

New Hall Pinot Gris 

Pinot Gris -Medium bodied white wine.

Pinot gris is a noble grape variety bursting with flavours of ripe peaches, dried apricots and a hint of spice. The richness, complexity and perfect balance of acidity and sweetness compliment blue cheese and fresh fruit desserts beautifully.


New Hall White Sparking Wine 

Traditional Method Sparkling White Wine

The full body of this rich dry yet smooth Sparkling wine displays an exceptional fresh and fruity style with a ripe peachy undertone and refreshing soft apple like acidity.




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