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About La Vino

Discover a world of wine at your fingertips with our extensive range of wine, spirits and knowledge! A unique shopping experience that gives customers the opportunity to browse & learn more about wine. Stocking over 1400 wines with PDF downloadable tasting notes, food pairings and extensive information on the individual producers, estates, vineyards and wineries. 

I proudly bring you exceptional wines produced from family owned and renowned estate and vineyards.  My wines are carefully selected by me and my wine experts and can't be found in supermarkets. By working directly with the makers my aim to bring you restaurant quality wines at an affordable price.

Charmaine's aim is to promote the wine lifestyle with guidience.

  •  I'm passionate about using technology to bring you the world of wine at your fingertips.
  • To provide my customers access to quality wines.
  • Maintaining a competitive rate and making good quality wine affordable.
  • Connecting wine trapped in the bottle with wine minded people to aid in creating memories and laughter. 

For my clients we happily go further, providing Winemaker notes, current and past professional ratings, customer reviews, most popular lists, information about the winery, region & varietal, map-it and informative bottle tags are available with every shipment.

My extensive range is available for delivery within the United Kingdom.








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