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Babylon's Peak

Babylon's Peak winery, situated in the Paardeberg, is privately owned by the Basson family. Producing excellent wines with distinctive character.

Babylon’s Peak is both a stalwart and a relative newcomer within the resurgent Swartland winemaking scene. Stephan Basson’s great-grandfather established the farm in 1919, and wine was made in the old cellar here until 1948. It then fell into disuse until Stephan renovated the cellar and recommenced production. The vineyards, some of the highest in the region at up to 700 metres, lie on the slopes of the Paardeberg Mountain, and have proven especially suitable for Chenin Blanc and Rhône varieties. The wines have a vivid purity, an almost crystalline concentration that belies Swartland’s hot climate just as the prices defy its hype.

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Babylon's Peak SMG

mix 6 price
£17.12 per single bottle

Babylon's Peak Shiraz Carignan

mix 6 price
£13.68 per single bottle

Babylon's Peak Viognier Roussanne

mix 6 price
£16.76 per single bottle

Babylon's Peak Chenin Blanc

mix 6 price
£13.08 per single bottle
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