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Balthasar Ress

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The Ress family is an old, established family in Hattenheim. For generations, they were butchers, and the butcher shop "Metzgerei Ress" exists to this day. In 1870, Balthasar Ress, who was a butcher himself, founded the inn "Gasthof Ress" on Hattenheim's main street, thereby laying the cornerstone of a long tradition in the hotel and restaurant business as well as the wine estate and wine business. In the 1880s, he purchased the property of a bankrupt estate on Rheinallee 1, the site of today's hotel and restaurant Kronenschlösschen and its predecessor, Hotel Ress, which Balthasar Ress opened in 1894. Under the management of the Ress family for nearly a century, it decisively helped shape the hospitality trade in the Rheingau. When Balthasar Ress began his career as a hotelier-restaurateur in 1870, the family also began to produce its own wines - literally, "Von Unserm" (our own) - a brand that is still used by Weingut Balthasar Ress to denote its most important house wines.

Since 1999, after several professional apprenticeships in Germany and abroad, Stefan's son, Christian Ress, entered the business as the fifth generation of the founding family. In 2004, he became a co-proprietor of the estate with his parents, and in 2010, assumed responsibility as director of business operations. Since then, he has continued to expand the wine estate, which today comprises 46 ha (ca. 114 acres). Christian Ress has achieved considerable attention in the wine trade for innovative projects, such as planting Germany's most northerly vineyard on the island of Sylt, near the border with Denmark, in 2009; opening the Wine Bankin Hattenheim in 2009; "sinking" bottles of RESSpekt in 2010; and last but not least, through his tireless, quality-oriented efforts within the realm of sustainable viticulture.
Christian Ress has consistently pursued opportunities to steadily develop the brand Balthasar Ress in numerous, principal export markets by founding, in conjunction with strategically important partners, his own import and distribution company in Oslo, B&R Wine AS, and the sales agencies/brokers Veritable Wines & Estates KG and Veritable Vins & Domaines KG

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Balthasar Ress Schutzenhaus Kabinett Riesling

mix 6 price
£21.57 per single bottle

Balthasar Ress Weinhaus Ress Pinot Noir

mix 6 price
£15.83 per single bottle

Balthasar Ress Hattenheim Nussburnnen Riesling

mix 6 price
£26.14 per single bottle

Balthasar Ress Weinhaus Ress Riesling

mix 6 price
£15.71 per single bottle

Balthasar Ress Von Unserm Riesling

mix 6 price
£20.14 per single bottle

Hattenheim Engelmannsberg Riesling

mix 6 price
£34.05 per single bottle
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