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Bodegas Castro Martin

Bodegas Castro Martin stands proudly as a business still owned and managed by the original founding family.

Casal Caeiro
The original brand of our bodega, created some 35 years ago by our founder, the late Domingo Martin.

Since Don Domingo founded the wine cellar we have never forgotten our connection to the soil – we are after all, simply farmers that grow grapes (and happen to transform them into wine). We especially appreciate that the quality of our finished wine always originates in the vineyard and also, that with every vintage, Mother Nature will inevitably play her part in the wine that she enables us to produce.

2016 is a fine vintage, and so we celebrate its quality with a completely new presentation. In fact, not just one label, but actually four labels, all of which are designed to highlight our connection with the sea, the earth and the sky. This quadriptych (four picture that will join to form one) was commissioned especially for our Bodega, and designed by local artist Elena Gomez-Dahlgren.

Denomination of Origin: Rías Baixas

Area of Production: Sub-region of the Val do Salnés, the coolest in the denomination.

Grape Variety: 100% Albariño

Home Vineyards: 11 Hectares (El Pazo, Castrelo, Cunchidos & Caeiro) Elevation between 50 and 250 metres.

Density of Planting: 1,100 vines per hectare

Age of Vines: Between 20 and 50 years

Vine Training: Pergola system, allowing improved circulation of air, helping to minimise the risk of disease.

Soil Types: Sandy soils on a base of granite and quartz.

Climate: Atlantic Maritime – Mean average temperature 15°C (60°F). Mean average rainfall 1,700mm (67 inches)

Harvesting: By hand, using 20kg baskets. Hand sorting in the cellar.

Pressing: Gentle pressing using Vaslin-Bucher pneumatic presses.

Temperature control: Extended cool fermentation using thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks.

Ageing: Extended lees contact of 5-6 months in tank

Cold Stabilisation: Prior to bottling to prevent precipitation of tartrate crystals.

Filtration: Diatomaceous earth (Kieselgur) filters, and membrane if required.

Wine maker: Angela Martín

Tasting Note: A fresh and highly aromatic wine that exhibits an impressive array of ripe white fruits streaked with salty mineral notes. It bursts on the tongue with the typical Albariño character of apple, pear and juicy lime and is richly textured on the palate. Held together with a zesty acidity it retains great length, finishing at its luscious, mouthwatering best.

Serving: Best served well chilled, between 9° and 12°C

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Casal Caeiro AlbariƱo Sobre Lias

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