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In 1972 La Meirana, today the largest merged ownership of land with 65 hectares of vineyards, was purchased from Count Edilio Raggio, by the Gr.Uff. Bruno Broglia, entrepreneur and owner of a textile company.


Before purchasing La Meirana, Bruno Broglia had renovated a period country mansion in Gavi for use as a holiday home.

The best architects of the period were commissioned to execute the renovation of La MeiranaLuigi Viettidealt with the interior design, whilst, at the same time as being responsible for planning the Costa Smeralda area of Sardinia; Pietro Porcinai, a landscape architect of International fame, created the garden that faces towards the medieval village of Gavi, with a unique and spectacular view of the terrain, and a vineyard within the boundaries of the village thus giving to Villa Broglia the name ‘Gavi’ – wine of the Gavi Commune.

Broglia Family Photo

When the work on the house had been completed the preparation of the land of La Meirana for the new positioning and improvement of the vineyards began.

In 1974 the ownership was passed in the form of a lease to Bruno’s son Piero and in that same year the Gavi doc was granted and the first wine was bottled.

Following the passing of Bruno Broglia in 1983, the vineyard’s area of cultivation was extended and a project, once again aided by Vietti saw the construction of a new wine cellar. In this same period in collaboration with the renowned Professor Donato Lanati, esteemed member of O.I.V and also with the consultation of Professor Eynard the traditional Guyot system of planting by was maintained.

At the end of the nineteen nineties the success of Gavi in the International markets created the necessity to double the space of the wine cellar and to complete the planting of the vineyard increasing the capacity to 65 hectares of the 100 hectare property.

Today the one thousand – year old named La Meirana estate is managed by the third generation of the Broglia family : Roberto and Fillipo, the two sons of Piero, who as a member of Parliament in the XII legislature has participated in the activities of the Committee of Agriculture, the Chamber of Deputies and has developed two mandates in the role of President of the Consortium of Guardianship of Gavi and Bruno, the son of Paolo, who in addition to being very busy with textile industry, has always followed the development of La Meirana.


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