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Buitenverwachting Wines

Rooted in deep, decomposed granite soils and cooled by the temperate sea breezes from the surrounding oceans, Buitenverwachting wines are an expression of this unique climate.

The slow ripening climatic conditions with cold nights and modest day time temperatures translate into fresh, crisp and full bodied wines. Specialising in Sauvignon Blanc, the Constantia climate allows winemaker Brad Paton in conjunction with Viticulturist Peter Reynolds to ripen out all the under ripe green flavours. Most of the sites develop a unique “yellow” fruit flavours, such as melons, passion fruit, yellow apple and gooseberries.

Buitenverwachting’s coldest most south facing vineyards, also referred to as “Husseys Vlei” is an exception to the ripe style of Sauvignon Blancs. These sites produce Sauvignon Blancs of distinctive “green” but rich flavours similar to Green Peppers.

Only a few North Facing Vineyards with full sun exposure are suitable for Buitenverwachting’s Bordeaux red varietals. These wines are matured in French Barrique barrels for a period of two years and develop into complex, dense and fresh wines. 

Buitenverwachting History

This beautiful farm on the east-facing slopes of the magnificent Constantiaberg and barely 12km from False Bay, originally formed part of the Constantia Estate, which was founded by Simon van der Stel, the first Governor of the new Dutch colony at the tip of Africa.

First sold as a 200 morgen sub-division to Cornelis Brink in 1773, Buitenverwachting changed hands all too often. And yet it flourished as a wine farm, due mainly to the 90 000 vines planted in 1825 by Ryk Arnoldus Cloete, brother of the famous Hendrik Cloete of Constantia.

From 1866, the fortunes of Buitenverwachting were inextricably linked to those of the Louw and Lategan families. One of the most colourful characters was Oom Danie Lategan, whose trademark was the freshly picked camelia he wore on his lapel every day. It was his daughter, Olivia Lategan, who was to forge the link between the Lategans and the Louws. Born at Buitenverwachting, she returned as mistress of the farm when she married George Louw.

Imbued with a sense of history, the Mueller family has retraced the roots of Buitenverwachting. The farm was lovingly restored to its former glory while extensive planting of the most selected of cultivars was initiated. The result was a maiden grape harvest of 100 tonnes - the first harvest the farm had seen in 30 years. An historic achievement that lived up to its name: Buitenverwachting - "Beyond Expectation".

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Buitenverwachting 1769 Muscat

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Buitenverwachting Sauvignon Blanc

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Buitenverwachting Buiten Blanc

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Buitenverwachting Cabernet Merlot

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Buitenverwachting Christine

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