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Cantine del Notaio

“Your name is Gerardo, just like mine” he said.
“That’s why my vineyards will be yours”.
Thinking back to my grandfather, a smile comes to my face as I reflect on how, after 30 years of all sorts of ups and downs,
I have gone back to my roots, proudly receiving my grandfather’s legacy to make in the focus of my entire life.

The passion for winemaking is not new to the Giuratrabocchetti's family and has been handed down for generations.
In 1998 the Cantine del Notaio wine estate was born from this same tradition, when both Gerardo Giuratrabocchetti, with his degree in Agricultural Science, and his wife Marcella, took up the Aglianico del Vulture challenge.
They decided to combine tradition, innovation, history and terroir in the vines growing in their vineyards.
Together with Luigi Moio, Full Professor of Enology at the University of Naples, they start a valuable collaboration and an extensive research on the winemaking potential of this grape, the most important in Southern Italy. A proud but difficult vine, capable of yielding wines with extraordinary personality.

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Cantine del Notaio Il Preliminare Organic

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£16.42 per single bottle

Cantine del Notaio Il Sigillo Organic

mix 6 price
£31.96 per single bottle

Cantine del Notaio L'atto Aglianico Organic

mix 6 price
£16.97 per single bottle
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