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Domaine du Daley

When history meets the precision of an authentic wine production.

The Domaine du Daley was founded in 1392, making it the oldest commercial entity in Switzerland. It stands on an historic site overlooking Lake Geneva. It is situated in the heart of the terraced vineyards of Lavaux, a UNESCO world heritage site.

We produce the finest wines according to a philosophy of quality and respect for the environment, working by hand on the vines and in the cellar, with small yields and long maturation times, ranging from 11 to 22 months to improve the wines. All the wines come from the grapes of our vines on the property, matured and bottled on the Estate. We grow 12 grape varieties on 15 hectares divided into 5 appellations, including 7 hectares situated immediately around the Estate.

All in all, 18 different Grands Crus are prepared with respect for each terroir, authentic wines providing a range of aromas, flavours and structures that we invite you to discover.

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