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Fattoria Mancini

FATTORIA MANCINI is a family owned winery, established in 1861. Currently Luigi Mancini manages the technical and commercial operations of the winery, assisted by his wife Shayle, a winemaker from New Zealand. The vineyards, of around 30 hectares, are located in the Natural Park of Mount San Bartolo, at the very north of the Marche Region. They sit above the spectacular cliffs of Focara on the Adriatic coast, a few kilometres from the town Pesaro, at a latitude of 43°6'. The cool microclimate of this stretch of north orientated coast and the calcareous sandstone soil allow the production of well structured long-lived wines with depth, freshness and elegance.
Around 1810 the Napoleonic administration identified these coastal cliffs to be an ideal location to grow Pinot Noir and planted it in several proprieties. In 1861 Mancini Family bought one of these proprieties and since then they have conserved and reproduced the original Pinot Noir that was introduced during the French domination. In 1998 Fattoria Mancini started a research project to isolate and reproduce the best clones created by two hundred years of adaptation to the local environment, obtaining a high quality selection of family clones of Pinot Noir that are now considered to be local and unique. Other grape varieties are also grown at Fattoria Mancini, including the characteristic Sangiovese and the rare autochthonous varieties of Albanella and Ancellotta.
Being in the heart of a Natural Park, Fattoria Mancini works to respect nature and the rules of the protected area. In recent years the company has increasingly focused on sustainable viticulture; to avoid the use of chemical herbicides all the new vineyards have been projected for fully mechanical management of the soil and are fertilised with local compost. Fattoria Mancini is only vinifying it's own grapes.

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Fattoria Mancini Roncaglia

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Fattoria Mancini Focara Pinot Noir

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£28.67 per single bottle

Fattoria Mancini Sangiovese

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£18.23 per single bottle

Fattoria Mancini Impero Blanc Pinot Noir

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£36.43 per single bottle

Fattoria Mancini Focara Pinot Noir "Rive"

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£37.83 per single bottle
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