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Finca Decero

Decero, meaning “from scratch”, was born of a bare patch of land and a family´s love affair with wine. Winemaking in Thomas Schmidheiny´s family went back to his grandparents in Switzerland and, just as Napa had inspired his mother, Adda, in the 1970s, so too did Agrelo capture the heart and mind of Thomas, when travelling over the Andes into Argentina, 20 years later.

Starting “decero” was exactly how Thomas Schmidheiny dreamt of beginning a world-class vineyard, free from constraint of tradition and full of passion. Here in Agrelo, the source of some of Argentina’s finest red wines, Thomas instinctively knew that he had found the place to continue the family legacy and to handcraft wines whose allure would lie in being true to their origin.

Remolinos Vineyard, named after its tiny whirlwinds, was started from a patch of bare land where only wild shrubs grew. At 3,500 feet (1,050 meters) it is located in the highest area of Agrelo, in the region of Mendoza. The planning of the vineyard was meticulous and based on our conviction that all decisions had to be sensitive to the natural attributes of this beautiful, if desolate, terrain.

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Finca Decero Petit Verdot

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£23.91 per single bottle

Finca Decero Malbec

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£15.58 per single bottle

Finca Decero Amano

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£39.17 per single bottle

Finca Decero Cabernet Sauvignon

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£15.58 per single bottle

Finca Decero Mini EdiciĆ³nes Cabernet Franc

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£23.81 per single bottle
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