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J Hofstätter

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The J. Hofstätter wine estate embodies all the best attributes of the South Tyrol (Südtirol-Alto Adige) wine region.

Weingut-Tenuta J. Hofstätter is located in Tramin-Termeno right on the bustling village square along site the city hall, bar, and church where Josef Hofstätter began making wines a good one hundred years ago. Family Foradori Hofstätter now operates the wine estate backed by four generations of accumulated experience, particularly with demanding varieties like Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer.

These are the signature wines of the estate and the region along with the other local varieties Lagrein, Pinot Blanc, and Vernatsch. The size of the vineyard area still allows J. Hofstätter to largely practice manual cultivation except where best technology is worthwhile. The cellars are highly modern and make gentle vinification and perfectly tempered storage of the wines possible.  


“Historic substance should be made state of the art with respect yet decisiveness” – Martin Foradori Hofstätter’s credo takes shape in architectural innovations. The result is an architecture that is extraordinary without being pompous.

J. Hofstätter began to set innovative benchmarks in the early nineties. The estate has its headquarters in a stately building that was originally built for the Imperial and Royal post coach office in the 16th century and later became the Schwarzer Adler inn that belonged to the current owner’s great aunt, Maria Hofstätter. Maria Hofstätter’s husband Josef produced his first wines in the inn’s cellar. His success and the separate vinification of fruit from individual vineyard parcels soon demanded larger quarters, but the space between the Roen Mountain and the late Gothic church was quite limited. Martin Foradori Hofstätter solved the problem by enlarging the cellar vertically.

He built a modern wine tower in 1997 directly parallel to the church steeple, the landmark of Tramin-Termeno that can be seen from a distance. This daring juxtaposition became a happy coexistence. The concrete barrels that were added to the cellar in 2013 are a novelty in South Tyrol (Südtirol-Alto Adige). Their round shape allows gentle fermentation and saves energy – vineyard for vineyard. The barrels are aesthetically pleasing and have become a popular visitor attraction at the wine estate.

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J Hofstätter Barthenau Vigna. S Michele Pinot Bianco

mix 6 price
£34.32 per single bottle

J Hofstätter Kolbenhof Gewürztraminer Alto Adige

mix 6 price
£36.50 per single bottle

J Hofstätter Barthenau Vigna. S Urbano Pinot Nero

mix 6 price
£67.11 per single bottle

J Hofstätter Meczan Pinot Nero

mix 6 price
£22.19 per single bottle

J Hofstätter Mazon Riserva Pinot Nero

mix 6 price
£39.32 per single bottle

J Hofstätter Pinot Bianco Alto Adige

mix 6 price
£19.46 per single bottle

J Hofstätter Michei Sauvignon Blanc

mix 6 price
£22.05 per single bottle

Alto Adige Pinot Grigio

mix 6 price
£19.46 per single bottle
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