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Nestled against the slopes of a hill in Stellenbosch, South Africa, you will find Kanu wines. Winemaker, Johan Grimbeek, creates unique, award-winning wines with a touch of magic and African folklore.

Harmony is central to the Kanu philosophy

Recognised globally as a producer of world class Chenin Blanc, Kanu was one of only three estates to be awarded the inaugural “Super Chenin” status by the South African Chenin Blanc Association, an honour granted to producers who have demonstrated a track record of consistent vintages.

At Kanu wines, we strive to produce healthier wines with stronger personalities and beautiful aromas in the natural way it was intended to be.

Harmony is central to the Kanu philosophy: the property was developed with strict attention to the environment. 25% of the estate has been dedicated to a conservancy, ensuring the preservation of indigenous vegetation and wildlife.

By making use of more environmentally friendly agricultural and vinification methods, our winemaker creates, in conjunction with nature, the unique quality and character wines that Kanu produce.
2003 - 
Richard Kershaw, and Englishman and former chef, who had also worked as assistant winemaker at Mulderbosch under the legendary Mike Dobrovic, became Kanu’s chief winemaker.
2010 -
Johan Grimbeek takes up the role of Kanu’s chief winemaker while Richard Kershaw moved to Mulderbosch to head up the winemaking team as Cellarmaster.
 2009, 2010 –
 Ben Truter and his family trust, took control of both Mulderbosch and Kanu Vineyard.
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