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History 1842
The land on which Langmeil Winery now stands was purchased by a 36 year old German blacksmith, Christian Auricht. He and his family arrived in South Australia in 1838 after emigrating from eastern-central Europe (Silesia) to escape religious persecution.

It was their fifth move in seven years - from Klastawe to Turowo in 1837; to Hamburg in 1838; to South Australia and Glen Osmond in 1839; to Klemzig in 1840. Finally, to Langmeil, their home for the rest of their lives. All their belongings were carried in a bullock dray.

The property was purchased in 1996 by three local mates whose families have lived in the Barossa Valley for several generations: Richard Lindner, Carl Lindner and Chris Bitter. They restored the remaining old buildings and the village well and beautified the gardens. As a tribute to the early pioneers, the new owners refurbished the old winery and named it Langmeil, after the original village.

In addition, some of Christian Auricht's original vines still remained, a small patch of 1840s Shiraz, albeit neglected. The most important task was to rescue them. After several months of tender loving care, The Freedom vineyard was successfully revived. The vines are dry grown and hand picked. After careful gardening, Langmeil's first vintage was harvested in 1997.

In 2011, Langmeil was purchased outright by Richard and Shirley Lindner and their boys, Paul (Winemaker) and James (Sales & Marketing) ensuring the succession of the business for many years to come.

Langmeil’s award winning premium range is internationally recognized and has contributed towards the winery being regarded as one of the top premium wine producers in Australia. The young team is dedicated to the success of the winery, driven only by quality in every aspect. Langmeil is a must visit when you are in the Barossa, with stunning grounds and tours showcasing the notable history to thousands of visitors annually.

Ein Prosit! (Cheers!)

The Lindner Family

The history of Langmeil‘s Lindner family paints a rich portrait of farming, food, community and wine which can be traced back six generations to the central European region known as Silesia.

Johann Gottlob Lindner and his wife, Maria Rosine John, first arrived on the shores of South Australia to settle in the Barossa Valley in 1845.

An ancestor of Johan and Maria is fifth generation, Richard Lindner, who with his wife Shirley Della-Mina and sons Paul and James, are the current custodians of Langmeil Winery.

The combination of Richard’s Silesian ancestry and Shirley’s Italian heritage is at the core of this family’s work ethic, community spirit and an undeniable love of food, wine, family and friends.

Both Richard and Shirley’s family trees are dotted with generations of grape growers, farmers and butchers. While the grape growing families mainly grew grapes to appease a thirst for homemade wine and grappa (and to keep the neighbours happy!), grapes and the local wines were integral to life while pursuing their primary passions of farming and food.

The Della-Mina families farmed sheep, chickens, ducks and pigeons, with the neighbour always happy to deliver a warm tin of milk to the front door every morning.

The Lindner’s spawned four generations of butchers and small goods producers, ensuring there was no lack of meat products, black pudding, fritz, mettwurst, sausages, sweet breads and offal on the kitchen table.

These resilient, rural qualities of Richard and Shirley’s forebears, which also included vegetable gardens and cottage fruit and nut orchards, ensured no one went hungry.

It was Richard who decided grapes should became more than a backyard enterprise when he collaborated with two local mates to purchase the then derelict Langmeil property.  While he still enjoyed the smell of a good butcher’s shop, wine was now at the family’s heart.

At Langmeil, the Lindner family strives for excellence in both the vineyard and winery, to produce wines that sit amongst the world’s best at prices everyone can afford.

The renowned Australian wine writer, James Halliday AM, in his Australian Wine Companion, rates Langmeil a ‘five red star’ winery. In 2014 Langmeil’s flagship wine, The Freedom 1843 Shiraz, joined the prestigious Langton’s Classification VI honour roll in the ‘excellent’ category.

Today, Richard, Shirley, Paul and James continue to recognise the efforts of all who have helped shape Langmeil to become the world-class winery it is today.

Their legacy is to build on a foundation of excellence in wine, community and culture, which they hope the seventh generation will aspire to, maintain and build upon.

They also remain committed to preserving the foundations on which the property was built by its original settler, Christian Auricht, who founded the trading village of Langmeil and believed planted the Freedom vines in 1843.

The Barossa
The Barossa is Australia's most famous wine region, comprising the Barossa Valley and Eden Valley. It is home to some of the oldest Shiraz vineyards in the world, acclaimed Rieslings and iconic wine brands. The Barossa is a gourmet's paradise, enriched by a strong cultural heritage reflected in its wine, food, buildings and people. Diverse experiences, including festivals, events, the arts, bushwalking, golf, cycling and shopping, can be enjoyed in a stunning landscape of rolling hills, manicured vineyards, and closely linked towns and villages.

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Langmeil The Freedom 1843 Shiraz

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£76.10 per single bottle

Langmeil Orphan Bank Shiraz

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£40.05 per single bottle

Langmeil Hangin' Snakes Shiraz

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£19.19 per single bottle

Langmeil The Fifth Wave Grenache

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£28.82 per single bottle

Langmeil High Road Chardonnay

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£17.81 per single bottle

Langmeil Valley Floor Shiraz

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£21.12 per single bottle

Langmeil Three Gardens SMG

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£17.24 per single bottle

Langmeil Blacksmith Cabernet Sauvignon

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£20.38 per single bottle

Langmeil Eden Valley Dry Riesling

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£20.38 per single bottle
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