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Luis Seabra

Luis Seabra may be a new name on the Portuguese wine scene, but he has already had a hand in crafting some of the Douro’s most exciting wines, working as Dirk Niepoort’s right-hand man from 2004 until leaving to set up his own label in 2012. He is starting small, releasing two whites and one red, with a total production of just 5,000 bottles per wine. Winemaking is minimal-intervention, and the style very much reflects the concentration of care lavished by this experienced winemaker on his tiny output. Luis Seabra is certainly a name to watch, but has also hit the ground running with a stunning début.

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Luis Seabra Xisto Cru Branco

mix 6 price
£34.30 per single bottle

Luis Seabra Granito Cru

mix 6 price
£26.78 per single bottle

Luis Seabra Xisto Cru Tinto

mix 6 price
£38.74 per single bottle
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