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Niel Joubert

The Joubert family are by calling, horticulturalists and grape growers. They say that the best fertiliser for the vineyard is the grower’s footsteps and this is no more true than at Klein Simonsvlei. They are “hands on” in the extreme with each stage carefully managed to produce the best fruit possible which results in high quality wine production.

None of this can be achieved without Mother Nature. A moderate climate, ideal for grape growing, with an average winter rainfall of 900mm and temperatures ranging from 7°C in winter to 30°C in summer. The cooling Atlantic breeze in summer, greatly contributes to the flavour retention of the grape. The vineyards which are some 260 ha in extent are situated on the Paarl side of the Simonsberg mountain.

Paarl itself is an extremely respected wine growing region. The Simonsberg mountain is a very prominent feature located between Paarl and Stellenbosch and it has often been said that vineyards on the slopes of the Simonsberg are the best in the Winelands. Variations in soil types and aspect result in wines of individuality and character.

The greater portion of the Niel Joubert vineyards are located on the actual slopes but with some lower lying areas interspersed. Thus they have the best of both situations, as with the Sauvignon Blanc for example, which is located on the higher slopes to benefit from the cooler breezes and so retain all the delicate flavours. While the Chardonnay is planted in the lower areas, as it enjoys the relative warmth for fuller ripening and bigger flavours. The Shiraz, a prolific growing vine, whose growth one needs to restrict somewhat to retain character, is placed on a particular patch of more stony soil, to let it struggle.

All in all the property provides a variety of slopes, aspects and soils. Over the years and indeed as an ongoing process these are exploited to the maximum benefit of a particular grape variety.

The generations of Jouberts, all of them hands-on, have provided a continuity that is simply not possible in a corporate environment as well as a wealth of knowledge of their land’s micro climate and idiosyncrasies. The structure is flat, with the benefit of hindsight and the commitment to foresight, decisions are clearly and simply reached. At Niel Joubert the family are alive and well and in control of their operation, ably assisted by a small compliment of skilled and committed staff.

The cellars have been extensively modernised in recent years with as natural a flow as possible being maintained and a policy of minimum intervention being followed.

Winemaker Erni Leicht, will make his own running decisions as how to best optimise his grapes and will liaise with Daan and his son Niel Joubert accordingly.

In short, attach your family name to a product and there is no escape from the ownership thereof!

The Niel Joubert Wines promise says it all: “Every bottle filled with pride for your enjoyment”.

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Niel Joubert Byter Chenin Blanc

mix 6 price
£11.12 per single bottle

Niel Joubert Rondeburg Cabernet Sauvignon

mix 6 price
£13.07 per single bottle

Niel Joubert Enita Sauvignon Blanc

mix 6 price
£11.32 per single bottle

KleinKloof Sauvignon Blanc

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£11.09 per single bottle

KleinKloof Mountain Red

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£11.40 per single bottle

KleinKloof Pinotage

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£12.22 per single bottle

Niel Joubert Pinotage Patrybult

mix 6 price
£12.12 per single bottle

KleinKloof Chenin Blanc

mix 6 price
£11.03 per single bottle
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