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Within the Campania region you will find the Ocone estate, Azienda Agricola Monte, in the town of Ponte, within the province of Benevento and right in the heart of ancient Sannio.

This area has produced excellent wine dating back to ancient times, making a name for itself both in Italy and abroad within the last quarter of the 20th Century thanks to the evolution and progress achieved in wine making by the wine growers of the area.

The Ocone family has been producing wine since 1910 and has always believed in the value of this land, selecting time honored quality vines and enhancing their particular characteristics..

Early '900, beginning a century full of new ideas: Ocone Giuseppe, start Paupisi (Benevento), an important center of agriculture, entrepreneurial activity, mainly the production and trade of wine.

In 1910, realizes in Ponte (Benevento), the first winery; it is largely located to the road which later will be dedicated to him, and is close to the train station for the place strategically. Meanwhile, the passion and dedication have made him an expert, valuable point of reference for the agricultural reality of the time.

In the 30s began acquiring other wineries, first of all to Ponte Viale Stazione, opposite the railway goods yard, and involves his son Luigi, soon proves to be a good entrepreneur. In the early '50s, Luigi Ocone realizes in the winery of Ponte the first refrigeration system for the stabilization of wine and the first bottling line, in the meantime begins start the closing of the wineries outside the area, for the improvement of roads and means of transport. '60s years, dedicated especially to the plant and the vinification of grape varieties historical, such as Aglianico, Greco, Falanghina, Coda di Volpe and the Piedirosso. In the early 70's, joined him the son Domenico, who in a few years, the successor.

Head of production, reorganized the company. In the 80 and 90, the new management, accelerated through internal and external events, is primarily oriented towards improving the quality with ever greater determination and characterization of wines produced, and its expression its most important is the realization of the cellar now, amid the vineyards.

One hundred years of uninterrupted acquisition of technological innovations, combined with experience and passion for the work, recorded a steady increase in the quality of production, as evidenced by the accolades conferred on it, both in Italy and abroad, confirming a profession love for wine that now overlaps between two centuries.  

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