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Santa Cristina

We are united by passion for lands and wines that fascinate the world, for unique flavours and for the pleasures of good living. Since 1946, in Cortona, Santa Cristina has been renewing the tradition of wines with great character that can be consumed immediately after bottling, as well as offering a selection of refined classics, and unique Tuscan specialties

High on a hill in Tuscany, not far from Siena and Perugia, rises the historic town of Cortona.
On one side it is flanked by an open plain, and on the other is the hill and the village.

One can enjoy the view of this beautiful panorama from the new Santa Cristina winery, which came into existence in 2006 with the goal of acknowledging and renewing the tradition of the wine known by the same name, 60 years after the release of its first vintage in 1946.

The first vintage of Santa Cristina was produced in 1946, becoming in time a point of reference for connoisseurs, not only through an unswerving commitment to quality. Just like a good story, Santa Cristina never gets old.

The care and attention always oriented to follow up the winemaking were also fundametal to search for a continue innovation and dealing with indigenous and international varieties, giving rise to a family of different products but bears the same style, the result of a indissoluble link between the vineyard, terroir and man’s work.

The products of the family Santa Cristina were born from this simple philosophy, thanks to a continuous bond with the land.
Since 1946, continues this dedication, to still preserve the quality of Santa Cristina.

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Antinori Santa Cristina Casasole Orvieto

mix 6 price
£14.04 per single bottle

Antinori Le Maestrelle Toscana

mix 6 price
£15.46 per single bottle

Santa Cristina Chianti Superiore

mix 6 price
£17.00 per single bottle

Antinori Santa Cristina Rosso Toscana

mix 6 price
£15.27 per single bottle

Santa Christina Ovieto Classico Secco

mix 6 price
£13.79 per single bottle
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