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The Eschenhof Holzer winery is located in Großriedenthal, in the Wagram wine region. Here the innovative wine maker, Arnold Holzer, draws on the unique bounty of nature, with a great deal of creativity, a distinctive style and a sense for delicious creations.

The name „Eschenhof“ comes from the oak trees that stand in front of the farmyard and the old cellar on the winery street. This is where the red wine is stored.

Fifth generation wine making artist

Arnold was born 1987 and as the fifth generation to do so, took over the winery from his parents in 2010. Since he was young he has helped at the winery and familiarized himself with the handed-down knowledge of viticulture. He is shaping the future of the estate through his open-minded character. Arnold draws on the resources of the natural wealth, and uses this potential to develop his distinctive wine creations. For Arnold, the creation of a successful brand, is the art of giving the particular product a distinctive identity. As a determined wine maker, Arnold knows that the success of the business lies within the interplay of creation and organization. It is for this reason that he looks after the work in the vineyard and the wine cellar, as well as the economic and marketing matters - ably assisted and with the strong support of his Anna.

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