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Feudo Arancio Grillo DOC

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Wine Style: Medium Dry White Wine
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Color: Deep straw yellow. Bouquet: An aroma distinctly tropical with notes of mango and papaya, that blends with inklings of jasmine and white flowers. Flavour: Balanced and harmonious with a delicate acidity.

Goes well with seafood, first course pasta dishes with vegetables, white meats and baked fish. The richness and the aromatic fragrance of the Grillo makes it the ideal wine to pair with a dish such as a veal carpaccio with celery and strawberries.

The Feudo Arancio wines come from the splendid island of Sicily in the heart of the Mediterranean. A generous land bathed in intense light and with a climate of dry winds ideal for the production of rich wines, intense and full bodied with unique fragrances and aromas. These wines are reminiscent of the unique and authentic flavours of Sicily.

Our grapes are grown with great care and in complete respect to our natural environment here in the valleys and hills of Trentino in the heart of The Dolomites. We adore this landscape which bears us such fine products. Discover it.

Acate, in the province of Ragusa. This variety prefers typically sandy terrain that, is sloped and gets a lot of sunlight. The type of farming is “Espalier”, used with an average density of planting where there are 4500 plants per 2.5 Acres.In homage to Sicilian tradition and with great respect towards the natural environment, the winery has been built following the traditional Sicilian rural building with courtyard known as the "baglio".

Feudo Arancio cultivate their own vineyards along the ventilated Southern coast of Sicily, on the two estates of Sambuca di Sicilia (AG) and Acate (RG).
We carefully select single varieties to grow in our untainted sunny vineyards. Seven hundred hectares of healthy wine growing. Native and international wine grapes are cared for and controlled by our knowledgeable expert agronomists. The wine grapes' flavour is enhanced by the sun and wind together with daily care.

100% Grillo. It is an average – to late varietal with maturity reached about the second week in September. The collection of the grapes, pressing, destemming is totally covered in the air (a method of vinification called “reduction”), the natural settling and fermentation take place at a controlled temperature of 18 degrees for 10 days. Maturation on the lees takes for 5 months in steel tanks.

Here tradition meets advanced technology resulting in both top quality and ancient flavours. The result of this mix of new technology in wine making together with old architectural traditions is enchanting.
The winery is equipped with the best wine making technology and tools with avant-garde use of all material in a completely thermal-conditioned environment. The original existing vigour, flavours and fragrances are just refined and enhanced in the barrique cellar.
An expert team of agronomists and oenologists, people who work with passion, constantly follows the whole evolving process of our wines. They are dedicated to producing top quality wines, which are rich, intense, boasting a soft taste and sweet tannins, and are both harmonious and elegant.



ABV 13%
Closure Screw Cap
Size 75cl
Grape Variety Grillo
Vintage 2019
Country Italy
Region Sicily
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