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Rotari Brut Cuvée 28+ Trento DOC

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£18.45 per single bottle
Appellation : Trento Grape Variety : 100% Chardonnay
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A refined Brut made from Chardonnay grapes coming exclusively from the vineyards on the hilly slopes of the best suited areas North of Trento. The elegant strength of Chardonnay in all its purity is accentuated thanks to the long refinement process in the bottle. Brut blanc de blancs with its intense and elegant fragrance of mature yellow fruits, hints of hazelnut and a sweet touch of vanilla. With over 36 months of aging on the lees this sparkling wine boasts a perfect balance between structure and acidity, pleasantly fresh and with a mineral finish.
Impressive traditional-method fizz, with great depth of flavour, pure appley fruit, and a fine mousse thanks to the extended ageing.

Thanks to the purity of Chardonnay, this sparkling wine is ideal with any meal. It pairs well with middle-seasoned cheeses, appetizers, fish first course dishes and white meat sauce, rich second course dishes with baked or grilled fish and baked meats.
Pork, Rich fish (salmon, tuna etc), Vegetarian, Poultry

The name Rotari derives from the Longobard King Autari, who fought one of the most important battles along the valleys of this territory in his conquest of Italy and made history with his famous “Edict of Rotari”, a book about the rules of winemaking. Rotari is the specialist sparkling wine-producing arm of Mezzacorona.

This wine is produced solely from Rotari-owned vineyards in the cool Adige Valley, north of Trento. All the grapes are hand-harvested for optimal finesse in the finished wine.

The careful vinification according to the rigorous “Metodo Classico” production process, enhances the ample aromas and the elegant intensity of Chardonnay. With more than 36 months of refinement on the lees, the varietal purity of Chardonnay allows a perfect evolution in the bottle. Rotari Cuvèe 28 maintains the crisp clean flavor of the grapes as well as the aromas coming from the ageing process. 
Brut Cuvée 28 is made in the traditional method, with second fermentation in the bottle and over thirty-six months’ ageing on the lees.


ABV 12.5%
Closure Cork
Size 75cl
Grape Variety Chardonnay
Vintage NV
Country Italy
Region Trentino
Everything you could ever want in a Italian sparkling
ReviewerSarah. G / FromHalifax / Date10 Feb 2018
My honest review - this sparkling will get you hooked! Once you’ve had it it’s hard to beat. Compared to the champagne boys this wines has every element and more. 🙌🏽
Here is a very good deal if you like sparkling wine.
ReviewerMario Cagnetta / FromUSA / Date29 Nov 2019
Here is a very good deal if you like sparkling wine. Rotari is a very famous brand in Italy and is very recognized in relation to the quality and price. This product comes from one of the most famous area for the champenoise method but of course it can not be named Champagne. So In Italy it is called classic method and finds the best region for producing in Franciacorta Docg, in the heart of Lombardy, and in Trento Doc in the North East. Rotari Brut is made only with Chardonnay grapes and it rests on lees for 24 months. It is a very good wine for aperitif and it goes very well with a risotto with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and mussles. Taste-olfactory examination: dry and moderate alcohol level of 12,5% and moderately smooth this sparkling wine has a very good freshness coming from the acids enhanced by the presence of mineral substances. In the aftertaste it shows itself as a balanced, moderately intense, moderately persistent and fine quality wine with a good and delicate body. Ready to drink and best served at 8 Celsius degrees.
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